SPO Best Practices

How to use cexplorer for 100%.
  • when you register pool, add into meta.json file link to "extended" metadata file - https://github.com/cexplorer/cexplorer.io/blob/main/examples/extended-metadata.json - this allows you have pool logo, social channel handles etc
  • create account on cexplorer.io and claim your pool https://github.com/cexplorer/cexplorer.io/blob/main/doc/how_to_claim_pool.md

How to make it better (optional)

  • contribute with articles for community: https://cexplorer.io/article/add
  • if you have your own pool page (you should), you can use HTML embeds to your website (cexplorer.io > pool detail > tab "Share")
  • you can promote your pool - https://cexplorer.io/promote