You can set up this feature in SPO console > Manage pool > tab "Config".
Note: If you want to deactivate this feature, update your callback url to empty and submit.
Notification structure what your script will receive (POST RAW body - json-encoded array) :
"pool" : "pool1..........",
"type" : "type",
"message" : "human friendly message",
"url" : "for block ie we send"

Available types:

  • test - for internal purposes only; you should ignore this type; but, we can send callback with this type to verify if is your url valid and working (as Compatibility) - if returns "ok" output :-)
  • epoch - pool results after epoch transition
  • delegation - new delegator
  • undelegation - outgoing delegator
  • stake - live stake change
  • update - poolcert change
  • block - new block
  • offrelay - relay is offline
  • onrelay - relay is back online
  • award - received new reward (like first 100 blocks)


Your callback script must return always pure text output simply "ok" (as we can remove old/notworking callback without this)
Last modified 5mo ago